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The Call That Never Was

“He hits it high!  He hits it deep!  It is…OUTTA HERE!  Barry Bonds surpasses the Babe!  The Great Bambino!  The Sultan of Swat!  Home run number 715 for the best hitter I’ve ever seen, Barry Bonds!  And the crowd in San Francisco is LOVING IT!!  And why shouldn’t they!? This is the greatest moment in baseball we’ve ever been a part of…”


It was the call that never was for baby faced San Francisco Giants announcer Dave Fleming.  After undoubtedly much practice, thought, and fantasizing about the moment, the minute Barry Bonds maple bat ripped through the red stitching and connected for the home run that moved him into second  all time for career home runs, Dave Fleming’s KNBR microphone went dead. 


The mic remained dead for a full fifteen seconds as fog horns blew, fireworks lit up the sky, and Barry casually soaked it all up during a slow trot around the bases.  At the last minute Dave’s broadcasting partner tried to salvage the call, but no avail. 


The call that would have put Dave Fleming’s voice in Cooperstown was lost between the radio airwaves and the Curse of the Bambino. 


Isn’t that crazy?



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