And with the 14th pick, the Warriors select…

Today is the most anticipated day we, as Warrior fans, often have to look forward to.  In years past, it’s the only day we have to look forward to.  It’s the day that we pour our hopes and dreams into some soon to be millionaire rookie.  It’s the day where management makes mistakes (see Todd Fuller), or drafts someone like Ellis, Biendris, or Arenas.


Today is like Groundhogs Day.  Will Mullin be afraid of the team’s shadow and remain with the same starting five, or will there be some crazy changes (see Richardson for Wright).  Will the upcoming season be much anticipated, or will it slowly dissipate from June 26th to April ‘09.  Will Baron be back?  Monta, Andris; will they see a big payday in the near future?  Could we get a big name, or at least, a big rebounder? 


It all begins tonight at Madison Square Garden, with the final slot in the lottery, the 14th pick. 


My hunch is that something big will go down.


Three scenarios:


(Warriors trade down, take Chase Budinger with the 21st pick.  They get cash and Marcus Banks, somehow)


(Warriors trade the 14th pick and Brandon Wright to the Bobcats for Jason Richardson.  Mullin, in a rare moment of emotion, says he’s sorry in a live broadcast from the Bay Bridge.)


(Warriors, with the 14th pick, select the biggest, quickest guy in the draft to collect offensive rebounds from the hundreds of ill-advised 3 pointers that will undoubtedly be launched at will- all season long.)






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3 responses to “And with the 14th pick, the Warriors select…

  1. Hi do you know anything about the Elton Brand deal? If we don’t get him we are screwed.

  2. I do know that our team is absolutely screwed because of Baron Davis. If Elton Brand comes to G-State, it will help us out a lot. We still need a point guard though, which is why we trade Patrick O’Bryant, Bellinelli, and a head coach to be named later to the Bobcats for Raymond Felton. Or we just sign Shaun Livingston to a one year deal and see if there is anything left of his left leg.

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